Kaiyodo Mon-sieur Bome Collection Vol.12 2 pack

Kaiyodo Mon-sieur Bome Collection Vol.12 2 pack


Figuras de colección de 6 pulgadas

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Kaiyodo strikes again with their twelfth Mon-sieur Bom figure which features two heroines from Full Metal Panic! The blue-haired, brown-eyed gal is Chidori Kaname, an exuberant student at Jindai High School who is infused with the power of “The Whispered.” With her unusual power, Chidori is sort of like a Gundam newtype where she operates mecha with skill and deft handling. That makes her a target of nefarious forces who want her power for their own purposes. Enter MITHRIL, a special anti-terrorist group which is helmed by the pastel blue-haired Theresa Testarossa. The destinies of these two girls are intertwined in the anime series as well as Mon-sieur Bom’s upcoming figure set, which includes both warriors in a single blister pack! Chidori measures 6 tall, while Theresa measures 4 tall!

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Dimensiones 18 x 24 x 27 cm