Sideshow G.I. Joe Major Bludd 1.6 Scale figure

Sideshow G.I. Joe Major Bludd 1.6 Scale figure


Figura de colección que mide 12 pulgadas de Gi.Joe

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Sideshow Collectibles presents the Major Bludd Sixth Scale Figure. The COBRA organization’s go to mercenary gets the Sixth Scale treatment, joining our acclaimed GI JOE Sixth Scale figure series. Fully loaded with an impressive array of weaponry, along with a highly detailed costume and accessories, Major Bludd is a must have addition for any JOE or COBRA collector.

The Major Bludd Sixth Scale Figure features:

Detailed Head Sculpt
Helmet (Removable)
Detailed reactive armor heavy chest plate
Armor enhanced cybernetic arm featuring fully articulated fingers
Multi-barreled sabot rail gun, includes three (3) fin stabilized sabot darts
Detachable harness stores four (4) additional fin stabilized sabot darts
9mm sub-machine gun, includes four (4) magazines
.50 caliber heavy barreled revolver
Major Bludd’s dog tags and bloody dog tag ‘trophies’
Detailed combat boots with boot knife and sheath

Información adicional

Dimensiones 35 x 67 x 73 cm